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Through its components, this tour provides a spectacular opportunity to go back in time, experiencing special and unforgettable feelings in different places around Albania and Greece.


Participants of the tour will “travel in a paint“ with spectacular sunsets and views during the evenings' sky but also during the days with a lot of sunshine, a good opportunity for those who love “Photo safari“  or taking pictures.

For those who like tasting traditional food, this tour is also a good chance to try traditional cooking, with fresh and completely natural products made at locals farms. All of this without forgetting the relaxing time in two out of the 7 Mediterranean Seas, the Adriatic, and the Ionian Sea.

Customize your price:

Price can be customized based on your specific interests and/or requests.

Reducing price:

Talk with one of our representatives and explain to them your specific interests, Aspects such as accommodation, group size, the tour length, etc, can reduce the price up to 45%.

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