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From Croatia to Montenegro, to Albania and Greece, this tour along the Mediterranean Coast, features vibrant cities, historic sights, and stunning scenery. Your Local Guides will reveal the "must-see" sights during the local tours.

On your Mediterranean adventure, you will experience the undulating coastlines of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and the Greek Isles, stand in awe before landmarks and landscapes that echo the history-changing moments that once happened there. 


At every turn, marvel at scenes you recognize from history books and movies—but that are more spectacular than anything you've seen on page or screen.


Because of its climatic conditions and the remoteness of the region this tour has a unique recreational value. It is the philosophy of SAMSEL travel to provide this recreational experience to its customers.

Customize your price:

Price can be customized based on your specific interests and/or requests.

Reducing price:

Talk with one of our representatives and explain to them your specific interests, Aspects such as accommodation, group size, the tour length, etc, can reduce the price up to 45%.

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