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The tour allows the visitor to experience the fabulous historical and cultural aspects of the country. It presents some of the most beautiful parts of the country from the Albanian Alps to the Ionian Sea, from untouched beaches to the vivid city center of Shkoder.

Discovering the interior part of the Albanian Highlands, this tour provides a unique opportunity to go back in time. Participants experience the traditional way of life and gain an understanding of how the Kanun of Leke Dukagjini regulated the village life in the Alps until today. The tour offers breathtaking sceneries with spectacular sunsets and provides special opportunities for those who love “Photo safari“.

For others who like to taste traditional food, this tour provides many chances to try the Albanian kitchen and fresh and completely natural products of local farms or homes.

Unforgettable experiences of the tour usually are the meetings with local people in the alpine villages, walking along the unspoiled beach from Rrjoll to Rana e Hedhun, visiting a forgotten cave, relaxing at the beach of Himara, experience the folkloric and ancient live music, visiting unique cultural heritage sites of Butrint, Rozafa castle, and Gjirokastra.

Customize your price:

Price can be customized based on your specific interests and/or requests.

Reducing price:

Talk with one of our representatives and explain to them your specific interests, Aspects such as accommodation, group size, the tour length, etc, can reduce the price up to 45%.

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