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In a village of the highlands was a girl well-known for her extraordinary beauty, who was called Mare. This girl was not only known for her beauty but also because she was honest, a hard worker, and she had a firm character and strong will, overall she was brave and fearless. Therefore, not only the boys of her village proposed to her for marriage but also the boys from other villages tried hardly to marry her...

... but Mare did not want to, she'd answer them that she would not marry and that she would become a nun.

In fact, this was just an excuse to dismiss the numerous proposals made to her, the real reason was another, her heart belonged to someone else. She loved Gjin too much. Gjin, a simple shepherd, whom she knew since when they were kids when her pure heart was not yet filled by the fire of love. She went with Gjin on the mountains, where they shepherded the cattle and where they passed the hot season talking and laughing, with simple and sincere love, special compassion for one another.

Among the boys of other villages who proposed Mare to marry was a rich and famous boy called Pjeter. He had seen Mare and he fell in love with her instantly, or so he believed, he could not eat, drink or sleep. He also promised a great reward for the one who would help him to marry Mare.

Pjeter knew about the story of Mare with Gjin and very furious about the refusal that Mare did to his own proposal, he decided to kill Gjin, thinking that he was the cause for the refusal. Pjeter did not waste time to put into action his decision.

It was a beautiful summer day when the two lovers were staying on a big tree branch, like two innocent birds, they were laughing, sometimes just staring at each other, Mare playing with a leaf looking at Gjin with love, when suddenly a gun shooting was heard, the poor Gjin fell on the ground. "He killed me"- he said.

Mara recognized Pjeter, while he was running away and she yelled “Wicked dog, you're going to die for that”. And then holds Gjin in her arms and kisses him. Fortunately, Gjin was still alive. He was wounded in the right thigh.

Mara runs to the top of the hill where the village could be seen and called for help, yelling out loud. Shortly after, people came to rescue Gjin, she tells him - “Don’t worry Gjin, because within the week I will take revenge”.

That day Mare took care of Gjin’s sheep, in the evening she led her sheep to her place and then those of Gjin to his place. She met him in his house and encouraged him, she told him - “Gjin don’t worry, we will have justice, I will make this right” and then added, “While I deal with this, take care of the sheep, and then I will take care of them for you until you get better”. Then after she caressed hands with Gjin, added “Hope you will get better soon Gjin” and then she left.

When Mare arrived home, she said to her mother “Mother did you heard about what happened? I will revenge Gjin's blood so please take care of the sheep this time”.

The next day Mare found two very good pistols and a large spike. She cleaned the pistols and loaded them. With the two pistols and the spike, she went to Pjeter’s village, two days after Gjin was shot.

She arrived at noon, found his house, and with an act of strange courage she went inside and found Pjeter while he was eating.

He was stunned. Mare without hesitating took the two pistols and said to him “wicked dog I have come to take revenge for what you did, not like a coward but right here in front of you, she killed him and left.

When she arrives at Gjin’s house she tells him - “Be happy Gjin because I just took revenge. Pjeter, does not live anymore, I killed him”.

Mare, the next day, armed with the two pistols and the spike, went to graze the sheep and in the noon she led them to the usual place. She was very tired so she fell asleep. After a while, the dog started to bark and a gun shooting was heard. The poor girl woke up, looked around, took the pistols and she noticed that she was surrounded by six armed men. She took the pistols and killed one of them, another one was wounded and since she had no time to reload her guns, she left the pistols on the floor and run to the nearest of them with anger and courage, she killed him with the spike, wounded another, but the last two of them who were not injured managed to catch her.

She tried to protect herself with the spike on her hand, but in the end, she could not resist the two men. They were trying to dishonor her when she quickly used the spike pushing it through her heart saying: Gjin, I kept the word”.

After few minutes the two injured men died and the two who remained alive left, leaving four of their friends dead.

People who passed at this place saw the scene and informed everyone in the village.

Poor Gjin, when he learned about what happened he felt tremendously sad and desperate. Although his leg was constantly bleeding, he arrived at the mountain, he saw Mare dead with the spike in her heart, he slowly pulled it out of her and pushed it right through his heart saying “I am dying near you, faithful Mare” falling dead next to her.

Since then the legend says that in the place where the blood of the two faithful lovers poured, sprang a flower, a red lily, which was called Marlule, Mare’ flower), which scientifically is called Lilium bulbiferum, and surprisingly in north Albania, on the northern side of Vermosh village, there is a mountain peak called Marlule’s Peak.

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